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Greatest Generation Earns More Bragging Rights

Posted on Nov 25 2013 by

This guest post is by Gail Cunningham, Vice President of Membership and Public Relations.

Experian’s recent State of Credit Study revealed that The Greatest Generation has something else to brag about: responsibly managing credit. And that’s no small achievement considering that some of these folks have 50 or more years of credit history under their belt. That’s a lot of on-time payments.

If you fall into the 65+ age bracket, congratulations! You’ve done a lot right. Now let’s keep a good thing going. Here are some tips to help you stay financially healthy moving forward:


Why Does Generation X Have Lifestyle Envy?

Posted on Nov 22 2013 by

This guest post is from Ted Jenkin, CFP®. Ted is co-CEO of oXYGen Financial and is a top ranked personal finance blogger (www.yoursmartmoneymoves.com). He is a regular contributor to Investment News, The Wall Street Journal, and The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

It’s official. For years and years everyone has labeled my generation (Generation X) the slacker generation. We were the ones that really started on the video game revolution with games like Pong and Atari and now we have relegated ourselves to worst in class when it comes to overall debt.


Millennials Can Use the Power of Credit Cards for Good

Posted on Nov 21 2013 by

This guest post from Erin Lowry. Erin is the founder of Broke Millennial, where her sarcastic sense of humor entertains and educates her peers about finances. Erin lives and works in New York City, so she’s developed quite the knack for finding deals and free events.

At the tender age of 18 I opened a letter from my bank to find my first credit card. I peeled the card off the letter and took a moment to stare in awe at this powerful little piece of plastic that suddenly offered me access to money.

This was 2007, pre-Credit CARD Act of 2009, when all a college student had to do to get a credit card was head down to the local back — or in some ghastly cases walk through vendor tables set up during orientation days. Students scribbled down their information in exchange for a free t-shirt or water bottle and gleefully received plastic cards that seemingly offered “free money.”


State of Credit 2013 [Infographic]

Posted on Nov 20 2013 by

The Fourth Annual State of Credit report is Experian’s comprehensive look at nationwide data to determine how four different generations are managing their debts by analyzing their credit scores, the number of credit cards they have, how much they are spending on those cards and the occurrence of late payments.

Additionally, credit scores were examined in Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) to provide the 10 highest and 10 lowest credit scores in each generation across the nation. The study creates an opportunity for consumers to better understand how credit works so they can make informed financial decisions and live credit smart even in the face of national economic challenges.

Check out the full infographic.


What do Baby Boomers and millennials have in common?

Posted on Nov 20 2013 by


This guest post is from Donna Freedman (@DLFreedman). Donna is a former newspaper journalist and staff writer for MSN Money and Get Rich Slowly. Currently she writes for Money Talks News and for her own website, donnafreedman.com.

What do Baby Boomers and millennials have in common? Stereotyping, retirement issues and, sometimes, a residence.

About that last: According to a Pew Research Center study called “The Boomerang Generation,” 29% of adults aged 20 to 34 live with their folks. Which leads us to a two-pronged stereotype: Boomers were overly indulgent parents who never let their kids suffer even a moment of The Sadz, which is why millennials are such an entitled, failure-to-launch cadre.


Experian Provides 80,000 free memberships to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling®, the nation’s largest financial counseling organization

Posted on Nov 14 2013 by

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling® (NFCC) and Experian® jointly announced today that Experian committed 80,000 free, 12-month memberships to its freecreditscore.comTM product, in support of the NFCC’s Sharpen Your Financial Focus™ program.

The NFCC program, launched in September of this year, includes a broad cross-section of supporters – Experian and others – who are committed to increasing the financial well-being of Americans.