How to Rebuild & Raise Your Credit Scores

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In our third chat of Financial Literacy Month we were super excited to chat with Jeanne Kelly, Journalist & Nationally-Recognized Voice in Credit Consulting, about ways to rebuild and raise credit scores.

If you missed the conversation, you can read it in the storified version below, and we’ll be sharing top tweets from the chat in the next few days on SlideShare.

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Questions We’ll Discuss:

  • Q1: Why are credit scores important?
  • Q2: How many credit scores are there? Which ones should I pay attention to?
  • Q3: What information from a credit report impacts credit scores most?
  • Q4: What can destroy a credit score quickly?
  • Q5: What are mistakes people make when trying to rebuild credit?
  • Q6: What are ways to build a good credit history?
  • Q7: Is a secured card helpful when rebuilding credit?
  • Q8: How often should people be checking credit reports? And what should they look at?
  • Q9: What should you do if you find an error on your credit report?
  • Q10: Any last minute tips for those looking to rebuild credit?

Highlights from this #CreditChat on SlideShare:

Tweetable Tips:

Your credit score determines which loans you’ll qualify for and the interest rate you’ll receive. Good credit= better rates! @Payoff

Paying credit accounts late, missing payments or not paying them at all will kill the credit score. @MsMadamMoney

Rebuilding Credit Mistake: Getting multiple credit card accounts and maxing them out. @MsMadamMoney

Don’t spend time cleaning up your credit and then make a huge credit card purchase. Try to keep balance less than 30%. @TurboTax

Fixing your credit takes time and patience. It doesn’t take much to trash your credit, but it does take a lot to restore it. @LeslieHTayne

Here is the complete #CreditChat Storified:

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