The Debt Escape Plan w/ Beverly Harzog

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This week, we chatted with Beverly Harzog, Credit Card Expert, Author and Consumer Advocate, about her new book “The Debt Escape Plan” and strategies to help us manage and pay off debt. We were also joined by Debbi King, Personal Finance and Life Coach and Owner of ABC’s of Personal Finance.

Our panel also included Rod Griffin – Director of Public Education at Experian, and Mike Delgado – Social Media Community Manager at Experian. 

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Questions We Discussed:

  • Q1: Why is it easy to fall into debt?
  • Q2: What are the most common types of debts?
  • Q3: What are some common mistakes that can keep us in debt?
  • Q4: What are steps to take to start tackling our debt?
  • Q5: How can creating a budget help? Any advice on creating a budget?
  • Q6: What should people know about debt (and how it impacts credit scores)?
  • Q7: What are pros/cons of using credit cards?
  • Q8: How can we stay motivated when we get off track in paying off debt?
  • Q9: What are some good side jobs to help pay down debt faster?
  • Q10: Where can people go if they are drowning in debt and need extra help?
  • Q11: Any final tips to escape debt for good?

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