Vision 2014: Customer acquisitions in a changing digital landscape

4000! Consumers view over 4000 ads per day. As a result they are overwhelmed with information and opt not to see what could be waiting for them. The best way to grab the consumer’s attention and CLOSE the sale is to target them with content directly related to their interests. This is not an easy task, but Experian can help lenders stay above the noise and drive relevant traffic to their websites. We can turn a site visit into a credit qualified lead and ultimately a high-quality booked account – cutting through the “junk” that drags down your portfolio’s performance.

Are you sure you have a truly optimized digital prospecting strategy?  Do you have the data to drive both the targeted advertising for increased site traffic and to customize the credit offers that empower the consumer to complete an application? Experian has the data assets to help you tailor the entire online experience for the least amount of online friction. For example, your advertisements can be as customized as creating a multi-channel cross-device experience based on your own marketing history or you can optimize your current online advertising strategy using additional data elements to get the most out of your marketing dollars. Use marketing and credit data to stay relevant and generate the highest quality traffic.

The consumer has come to the store – you still need to close the sale!  Experian’s ability to leverage data once the consumer has reached the site is the new frontline for developing a relationship with your customers.  By bringing credit data to the beginning of the conversation, before they have decided to apply, you can learn from your customer and educate them on their best option.   You can’t deny wanting to help your customers find the right products for them but also increase your ROI, and continue to maintain your risk modeling.

Come see what Experian can do for you!  Learn how our data-driven solutions can help you create a tailored digital consumer experience to build customer loyalty and drive new loan growth.

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