Emails with offers drive Back to School purchases

Posted on Jun 14 2013 by

Experian Marketing Services’ recent webinar uses data from the 2012 Back to School season to determine best practices for marketers looking to reach moms through Back to School email campaigns.

Data quality must improve for marketing analytics to work

Posted on Jun 13 2013 by

With the cross-channel revolution well underway, marketers are trying to keep up with savvy consumers who make purchasing decisions quickly. To better reach consumers, organizations are working to better understand each individual to provide a more coordinated experience across channels. New Experian QAS research shows that organizations are operating across an average of 3.6 channels. […]

On-the-go moms need on-the-go marketing this Back to School season

Posted on Jun 11 2013 by

To prepare for the Back to School season, marketers need to find out how to connect with kids, and more importantly, their mothers. The moms of school-aged children (ages 6-17) are busier than ever, and want marketers to meet them where they are—online and on the go. Experian Marketing Services surveyed moms from across the […]

Embracing the cross-channel marketing imperative

Posted on Jun 10 2013 by

Engaging customers seamlessly across channels is an absolute imperative for today’s marketer…but it isn’t easy to do. A recent Experian Marketing Services survey showed that just 44% of those asked had integrated their online and offline marketing programs. So 56% of the respondents’ customers could be receiving uncoordinated messages or offers at the wrong time […]

It’s graduation season and business is booming!

Posted on Jun 07 2013 by

Americans are expected to spend $4.6 billion on graduations this year1 and with graduations of all types occurring now or just around the corner, we wanted to take a look at search traffic around this important milestone. Specifically, we looked at what consumers are searching for and then dug deeper to understand which websites were […]

Delivering A+ campaigns this back-to-school season

Posted on Jun 07 2013 by

The Back-to-School season is hot time for retailers. Experian Marketing Services’ recent webinar covers how consumers behave during Back-to-School season and how marketers can effectively target and engage them during this lucrative period.

How Big Data enables a customer-centric marketing process

Posted on Jun 04 2013 by

How marketers can harness Big Data to guide and optimize their customer-centric marketing activities.

Admitting you have a data quality problem is the first step

Posted on Jun 03 2013 by

Marketers should improve data collection strategies and data cleansing methodologies to enable more relevant campaign messaging and timely delivery.

Marketing with predictive analytics – Understanding model over fitting

Posted on May 29 2013 by

Marketers rely on data and analytics to ensure they are equipped with the best insights to stay relevant in today’s digital world. So of course it’s important for marketers to master analytical skills and define processes that can effectively scale with the constant feeds of data over time. In my last blog post I focused […]

Americans spend 58 minutes a day on their smartphones

Posted on May 28 2013 by

New data from Experian Marketing Services’ Simmons® ConnectSM mobile and digital panel sheds light on the way smartphone users spend time using their phone, with the average adult clocking 58 minutes daily on their device. On average, smartphone owners devote 26% of the time they spend on their phone talking and another 20% texting. Social […]