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How Teenage Girls Spend Their Money

Posted on Oct 15 2009 by

How Teenage Girls Spend Their Money It’s football season and that means that millions of American teens, especially girls, will be daydreaming—and fretting—about putting together the perfect homecoming look. Experian Simmons examines the purchase behaviors of high school age girls and finds that 15 and 16 year-olds are the most likely to spend their allowance […]

Shopping Preferences and Purchase Behaviors of NHL Fans

Posted on Oct 05 2009 by

Definition of an NHL and Non-NHL fan The behaviors and preferences of National Hockey League (NHL) and non-NHL fans are compared in this report. Below are the definitions of each consumer type: NHL fans are 18+ adults who are either “very”, “somewhat”, or “a little bit” interested in NHL Non-NHL fans are 18+ adults who […]

Gas Pump Prices and Cost Sensitivity

Posted on Jul 25 2009 by

According to a survey fielded by AAA, 37.1 million Americans will be traveling over the July 4th holiday weekend. According to AAA if this prediction proves true, it will represent a 1.9% decrease from the same week in 2008. As we’ve done in the past, I’ll update our charts on actual gas prices and corresponding […]

Craigslist Top Search Term Last Week

Posted on Mar 20 2009 by

For the first time in three years, searches for ‘craigslist’ surpassed ‘myspace,’ highlighting the increasing popularity of online classifieds during the economic downturn.U.S. searches on the term “craigslist” have increased 105 percent for the week ending March 14, 2009, compared with the same week last year. This is the first time that the query has […]

Traits of Today’s College Basketball Fan

Posted on Mar 16 2009 by

Although the number of Americans watching March Madness (15%) ranks behind the NFL’s Super Bowl (38%) and MLB’s World Series (22%), the sport has quite a distinct following. Firstly, college basketball fans tend to be slightly older. In fact, Americans in the 18-24 year old age bracket are 4% less likely to be very or […]

Google Maps Edges Closer To MapQuest

Posted on Feb 11 2009 by

A few weeks ago I thought I was onto something very hot. I was getting ready to announce that Google Maps had caught up to MapQuest in share of US Internet visits. I decided to wait a week to be sure things held. Since then, MapQuest has regained its lead and is widening the gap […]

The Season of Online Coupons

Posted on Jan 15 2009 by

We all knew heading into the holiday season that consumers were going to be highly sensitive to price due to the economic conditions, paving the way for an increase in online deal seeking. Coupon websites experienced growth in visits throughout the holiday season as shoppers searched for promotional codes to use online and printable coupons […]

July Unemployment Numbers (U.S.) – Calling All Economists

Posted on Aug 05 2006 by

When I’m not crunching the latest numbers on search engines or predicting winners of American Idol, one of my pastimes (and perhaps the reason for my reputation as a data geek) is correlating Hitwise data with economic indicators. When I started with Hitwise in 2004, I had an idea: If more and more individuals filing […]

PhotoBucket Leads Photo Sharing Sites; Flickr at #6

Posted on Jun 21 2006 by

In the SF tech bubble that I live in, most of the talk about photo sites has been centered on Flickr. In fact, you could get the impression from most people I meet that Flickr is the ONLY site at which you can share and store photos. Examination of the category however, shows that Flickr […]

Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment – Brand Questions

Posted on Jun 12 2006 by

Last week a fabulous video of two men doing a Bellagio-like display using Diet Coke and Mentos was released on Not only did visits to increase substantially, from off the radar to a rank of 25 in the Entertainment – Multimedia category, but searches for ‘diet coke and mentos’ and other related terms […]