Case study: How Experian’s Graph strengthened MiQ’s Identity Spine

February 27, 2024 by Experian Marketing Services

How data partnerships brighten the cookieless future

In the post-cookie landscape, staying ahead requires innovative strategies and partnerships. This case study dives into how MiQ, a leader in the cookieless era, strengthened its Identity Spine with the integration of Experian’s cross-device Graph.


MiQ faced a pivotal challenge in avoiding a static approach to strategies and partners while evolving its cookieless initiatives. MiQ aimed to build omnichannel interoperability by integrating privacy-first partners into its Identity Spine. MiQ’s primary objectives included:

  • Reaching target audiences in privacy-compliant ways.
  • Expanding their cookieless targeting solutions.
  • Maintaining or increasing the scale expected from cookie-based targeting.


To address these challenges, MiQ strategically incorporated Experian’s cross-device Graph into its proprietary Identity Spine. MiQ’s Identity Spine seamlessly connects over 60 cookieless data feeds and 25 ID solutions. The integration allowed MiQ to:

  1. Create a unified view: MiQ now has a unified view of its clients’ target audiences, enhancing its understanding and targeting capabilities.
  2. Increase scale: By matching first-party data to multiple universal IDs, MiQ expanded its reach across devices, contributing to a 51% increase in seed audience reach and a 64% increase in universal IDs.
  3. Improve efficiency: The combination of Experian’s data with MiQ’s Identity Spine facilitated cross-device ID resolution, leading to more accurate measurement and reporting.

Experian’s global data coverage complemented MiQ’s regional expertise, amplifying global reach and adaptability to changing regulations.

“Experian’s Graph has bolstered our alreadycomprehensive, multi-ID Identity Spine withincredible data on cross-device ownershipand cross-channel behavior.”

Georgie Haig, Strategy and Partnerships Director, MiQ Digital


The integration of Experian’s data solution significantly contributed to the success of MiQ’s Identity Spine expansion. The results speak volumes:

  • A 51% increase in seed audience reach across devices.
  • A 64% boost in reaching audiences through universal IDs.
  • Experian’s Graph added 6.5 devices to each matched IP address, enhancing scale and targeting capabilities.
  • A 70% match rate in associating MiQ-provided IP addresses with universal IDs.

These outcomes showcase how Experian’s Graph empowered MiQ to find, grow, and measure customers across screens, providing a future-proofed solution for evolving industry challenges.

Evolve your cookieless strategies with Experian

MiQ’s Identity Spine sustains its success through a robust data partnership with Experian, a partnership that continuously evolves as MiQ explores expanded applications of our products. The exploration aims to further enrich MiQ’s data-driven solutions.

Download the full case study to uncover the strategies that empowered MiQ’s successful expansion of its Identity Spine with Experian’s Graph. Your path to navigating the cookieless landscape, enhanced targeting, and measurement starts here.

About MiQ Digital

MiQ is a global programmatic media partner for marketers and agencies, with 19 offices across Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region. They specialize in connecting data from multiple sources to solve business problems for their clients. They are ​award-winning experts in data science, analytics, and programmatic trading, focused on ensuring clients’ media investments are spent on the right audiences in the right environments.

To learn more, please visit www.wearemiq.com.

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