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Andrew Meikle’s professional career began in 1988 when he was one of only 12 contracted athletes in the original Uncle Toby’s Ironman Series. While he enjoyed considerable success as an ironman, the podium proved mostly elusive, and so began a quest to fully understand the dynamics of human high performance and what sets the highest achievers apart.


Meikle’s research began in the obvious place — among those within the Ironman world who were consistently placing in the top three — and now comprises research and interviews with thousands of high achievers in the fields of sports, science, medicine, academia, the arts, politics, the military and even faith.


For more than 20 years, this research has continued and evolved to include not only individual high achievers, but also “high-performance environments” — those places or events where the very best are stretched to their limits.


In 2016, Meikle devoted six months exclusively to his research pursuits throughout the East Coast and the West Coast of the United States, Switzerland, England, Hawaii and Scandinavia. To better understand performance in technology-based organizations, Meikle interviewed top leaders from Facebook, Google, Tesla, LinkedIn and the CERN Particle Accelerator. He also focused on the study of leadership at Nestlé, Doctors Without Borders, NASA’s Ames Research Center, the United Nations and the Red Cross. The result continues to be one of the largest banks of human high-performance data in the world.


Meikle has been a Visiting Fellow with the Centre for the Mind, a national think tank based at Sydney University investigating the emotional DNA of mentally and physically gifted individuals.