Elevating advertising precision: The collaborative excellence of Magnite and Experian

Published: December 12, 2023 by Experian Marketing Services

Experian Consumer View is now available in Magnite Access

Magnite and Experian have formed a strategic integration to enhance cross-device audience targeting in the advertising industry. Magnite, the largest independent sell-side platform, and Experian, a leader in consumer data and identity solutions, aim to optimize advertising capabilities by activating Experian’s Consumer View in Magnite Access, an omnichannel audience product suite. This marks one of Experian’s first forays into a direct sell-side integration, a crucial step for the cookieless era.

This collaboration offers targeting and efficiency across digital channels, providing advertisers and agencies with a more effective way to reach consumers. With Experian’s robust deterministic offline data, generated from consumer purchase activity, enriched with insights on over 250 million U.S. consumers and 126 million U.S. households, advertisers can look forward to a new benchmark in targeted advertising available through Magnite Access.

Thriving in a cookieless world

With the looming deprecation of third-party cookies, audience, and identity solutions using first-party data are shifting to the sell-side. To that end, Magnite developed Magnite Access, a suite of omnichannel audience products that make it easier for media owners and their advertising partners to maximize the value of their first-party data assets. Access is adept at thriving in a post-cookie world through its effective utilization of sell-side first-party data, including within Magnite Streaming and SpringServe. Magnite Access’ deterministic and probabilistic tools provide sellers and buyers with a comprehensive solution to leverage their first-party data for audience targeting and insights.

Experian’s solutions are built to work efficiently in offline environments, making them well-equipped to thrive in a cookieless world. Brands can benefit from Experian’s deep integrations within the ecosystem, providing data and audience solutions designed to perform in cookieless environments.

“We’re excited about the collaborative approach between Magnite and Experian. This off-the-shelf integration of Experian’s syndicated audiences and the streamlined ability to receive custom audiences will provide a more accurate and cohesive consumer view, allowing us to reach our target audience and enhance campaign performance seamlessly.”

sam bloom, ceo, camelot

Reach and impact

As companies continue to rely on data-driven insights to make smarter, more efficient business decisions, partnerships between leading data and technology providers are becoming increasingly valuable.

“Integrating with Magnite allows us to translate our extensive offline and online data into actionable, intelligent solutions for making smarter, more efficient business decisions. With Magnite’s expertise in the omnichannel sell-side environment, this partnership is poised to empower businesses with the tools they need to succeed in today’s data-driven landscape.”

chris feo, svp, sales & partnerships, experian

Strengthening foundations within streaming

Magnite’s cutting-edge streaming solutions, integrated with Experian’s robust data, facilitate a connection between data and inventory, providing enhanced targeting capabilities and consumer insights.

“By integrating Experian’s Consumer View capabilities into our platform, we are enabling advertisers to unlock improved targeting capabilities while benefiting from Experian’s wealth of consumer insights. Our collaboration with Experian amplifies the value of our streaming solutions and enhances the overall advertising ecosystem by seamlessly connecting data, identity, and inventory.”

kristen williams, svp, strategic partnerships, magnite

Precision and innovation: A new advertising era

The synergistic partnership between Magnite and Experian is paving the way for a new era in advertising, offering targeting efficiency across digital channels. This collaboration is not merely a confluence of technologies but a testament to both companies’ relentless pursuit of excellence in creating a consumer-conscious advertising ecosystem.

By harnessing the wealth of consumer insights and integrating state-of-the-art technologies, Magnite and Experian are contributing to shaping the future of advertising, emphasizing accuracy and efficiency. It’s a revolutionary stride toward understanding and reaching the consumer in more meaningful and impactful ways, setting new benchmarks in the advertising world.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, this collaboration stands as a beacon, guiding brands toward intelligent, informed, and innovative advertising solutions, redefining the possibilities in targeted advertising and audience solutions.

Connect with us to learn more about how you can access Experian’s Consumer View data solutions in Magnite Access.

To learn more about our partner Magnite, visit their website.

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