Top December Business Headlines: Why consumer loyalty is on a downward trend, synthetic ID for fraud, and the rise of digital transactions

Published: January 6, 2022 by Managing Editor, Experian Decision Analytics

Did you miss these December business headlines? We’ve compiled the top global news stories that you need to stay in-the-know on the latest hot topics and insights from our experts.

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How are companies responding to consumer behavior?
Nasdaq Trade Talk’s Jill Maladrino talks to Steve Wagner, Global Managing Director of Decision Analytics, about the increase in online activity over the course of the pandemic, how inflation can impact brand loyalty, and why businesses need to respond to consumer demand with better customer experience and fraud prevention.

Q&A: Why the increased use of digital transactions is here to stay
David Bernard, SVP of Strategy, Marketing and Digital, talks to Digital Journal about how businesses should be approaching the increase in digital transactions using advanced analytics and decisioning technologies to improve the digital customer experience and grow their businesses.

How criminals are using synthetic identities for fraud
Dark Reading’s The Edge talks to David Britton, VP of Industry Solutions, about why businesses must improve their fraud detection and prevention protocols to detect synthetic identities and ensure that they are protecting their consumers’ personal information.

Latest retail trends: AI is on the up, consumer loyalty is heading down
Digital Journal looks at Experian’s latest research that uncovers how businesses are incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence into everyday operations and investments in response to an upward trend in online activity and a downward trend in customer loyalty.

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