The future of finance and AI: Shri Santhanam discusses on Stories in AI

Published: July 27, 2021 by Managing Editor, Experian Decision Analytics

Shri Santhanam, EVP and Global Head of Analytics and AI, talks to Ganesh Padmanabhan from Stories in AI about why he hopes the changing world of lending will lead to better financial inclusion.

“The whole digital revolution in lending means that financial institutions are scrambling to make the process much more seamless, reduce time for approvals, let consumers have access to different financial products, and have innovative products like buy now pay later. But underneath it all, you have to get more nuanced and more sophisticated about the methodologies that you use for lending. And this is where AI and ML come in.”

Expect to hear discussions about the future of finance, how to drive impact by leveraging data analytics and AI, frameworks for setting up and institutionalizing an AI center of competence for a large organization, and how to scale data science efforts through hiring, promoting from within, and setting up the right structure and processes to make it happen.

“Experian for over 100 years now has leveraged the power of data. We’ve been a very powerful data company. We’ve used that data to improve the lives of consumers and improve how businesses make decisions. Fundamentally, we’ve had a set of pioneers who before Big Data tech was introduced to the world, figured out that having a data marketplace or collecting high quality data on consumer lending will be of value, and that’s been the core of our business. That dynamic is changing. We see a lot of value migrating what we call up the stack. So from purely data to actually the decisions that are made with the data, to products and services in the data.”

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