Infographic: What increased expectations of the digital customer experience means for your business

Published: December 1, 2021 by Managing Editor, Experian Decision Analytics

Global insights

What increasing expectations of the digital customer experience mean for your business and technology investment

Economic recovery and waning customer loyalty are creating new opportunities

  • 59% of businesses globally say they’re mostly or completely recovered from the pandemic
  • 61% of customers engaging with the same companies they did a year ago, down 6% in twelve months

Data, analytics and decisioning technologies help provide customers with a secure and convenient digital experience

  • Consumers are prioritising security, privacy and convenience when engaging online
  • 75% of consumers feel the most secure using physical biometrics

Scalable software solutions give companies of all sizes the ability to better manage risk and digitally transform the customer experience

  • 50% of businesses are exploring new data sources
  • 7 in 10 businesses say they’re frequently discussing the use of advanced analytics and AI, to better determine consumer credit risk and collections
  • 76% of businesses are improving or rebuilding their analytics models

“Dwindling customer loyalty along with heightened customer expectations and increased competition could mean potential revenue loss or gain. Businesses must find integrated credit and fraud solutions to improve digital engagement and customer acquisition.” Steve Wagner, Global Managing Director, Decision Analytics, Experian

We surveyed 12,000 consumers and 3,600 businesses across 10 countries as part of a longitudinal study that started in June 2020

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