Forbes Technology Council: A successful DevOps strategy is more than just technology

Published: February 1, 2022 by Managing Editor, Experian Decision Analytics


Dr Mark D. Spiteri writes on the Forbes Technology Council about how Experian has embraced DevOps culture to not only improve internal IT processes, but also to reshape the mindset of product development teams.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the hybrid of development operations – a combination of software development and IT operations that shortens the product lifecycle and delivers a higher quality operational performance, benefiting the company and customer alike.

The shift towards a service-centric culture

As tech businesses move away from on-premises, product-centric culture, they are seeking alternatives that enable a service-centric approach. DevOps helps to do this by expanding upon agile and lean software development principles that ultimately lead to a cultural shift towards SaaS. The goal is to improve efficiency and accelerate the distribution of product enhancements, but it’s all in the integration of these new ways of working.

“It’s not a question if DevOps can help your company upgrade its product cycle; it’s a question of how well you can implement it into your organization.”

Foundations of DevOps

  • People: Small, autonomous teams with a focus on collaboration and achieving system-orientated outcomes.
  • Processes: End-to-end agile, lean practices for rapid IT service delivery.
  • Technology: Automation tools that make the complete flow and pipeline of development and testing repeatable and reliable.

“Improving the DevOps process can make a sea of change across every part of your product’s lifecycle, and what’s most fascinating is that the most important elements do not require a huge IT investment.”

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