February business headlines: Business transformation, securing the customer experience and modern fraud prevention

March 2, 2021 by Managing Editor, Experian Decision Analytics

Did you miss these February business headlines? We’ve compiled the top global news stories that you need to stay in-the-know on the latest hot topics and insights from our experts.

Experian launches new anti-fraud platform for digitally accelerated world
Financial IT covers the latest on tools to help businesses safely meet the rapid increase in demand for digital services and online accounts. Eduardo Castro, Head of Identity & Fraud, speaks to gaining confidence in preventing fraud while meeting these new business challenges.

Experian helps Atlas Credit double approval rates while reducing credit losses by up to 20 percent
This Global FinTech Series article provides insights on efforts to make the power of artificial intelligence accessible for lenders of all sizes. Shri Santhanam, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Global Analytics and AI, shares background on constantly-changing economic conditions impacting credit models and how to rapidly develop and deploy models to keep up.

60 percent of consumers are using a universal mobile wallet
New research shows a continuing trend toward digital transactions and mobile wallet payments. Steve Wagner, Global Managing Director of Decision Analytics, speaks to consumer and business insights on the increased demand and what businesses need to consider to ensure positive customer journeys that support these shifts.

Why digital identity and the customer journey is crucial for today’s businesses
Steve Pulley, Managing Director of Data Analytics, explores business opportunities stemming from the massive increase in consumers accessing services online. Taking the right steps not only helps ensure business survival but sustainable success. The key is fundamentals including the customer journey and digital identity.

How modern data strategies underpin the digital identity and authentication practices critical to digital transformation
In this Datanami article covering our progression toward a ‘contactless world,’ modern fraud prevention is explored. Dealing with a tremendous amount of data to offer security, while bearing in mind customer convenience, requires sophisticated technology. Holistic approaches both improve operations and helps keep pace with fraudsters to protect customers.

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