Decisioning software as an enabler of positive change in society

March 31, 2021 by Donna DePasquale, EVP Global Decisioning Software

At Experian, we have a long history of driving positive change in societyFor example, our founder Si Ramo was one of the original thinkers around a cashless society much like the one that we are headed to today 

Indeed, everything we do today as a company is built upon a foundation of data and information technology and anchored on the mission of giving consumers access to the financial products and financial information that they deserve. All of that while enabling consumers to protect their identities and to help businesses achieve their outcomes 

Experian Decision Analytics’ mission is taking the complexity out of decision-making, enabling businesses to drive meaningful outcomes for consumers in moments that matter. We achieve that by making sense of that data, by applying advanced analytics and technology in ways that help businesses better serve their customers.  

Cloudbased technology helps make smarter, quicker customer decisions 

We are committed to extending our expertise and capabilities to businesses of all sizes so they can take advantage of a range of simple, affordable, and configurable solutions. That means that what was once only available to very large businesses is available to all, and that’s better for consumers.   

For us, helping businesses serve the needs of more customer segments, with confidence, is paramount. Leveraging decisioning software, rich data setsadvanced analytics, and cloud-based technology, we empower customers to make great risk-based decisions quicklyeasily, and safelyThat translates into innovation at scale, a lower total cost of ownership for clients, and greater access to the most effective fraud protection methods. 

We do this to help businesses lend more effectively, minimize and detect fraud lossesand comply with regulatory and privacy requirements. But, more importantly, we do this to help them deliver great experiences to their customers. Ultimately, all of that work helps society to flourish 

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