Expand Safely with International Credit Reports

Published: January 10, 2024 by Kyle Matthies

Expand Safely with International Credit Reports

Anyone who’s traveled internationally knows the world is a big place and every country has differences, however big or small. But how do those differences affect evaluating credit risk of foreign businesses?
The truth is, international data is as nuanced as the countries themselves and once you scratch the surface, understanding credit risk solutions isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Many domestic assumptions don’t hold when working with international data.

We’re seeing a trend across industries that may resonate with you: domestic credit managers are increasingly being tapped to take over a portion or all of their organization’s international portfolio. Sound familiar? Kyle Matthies, Experian’s Director of Product Management delivered a very informative 15-minute Sip and Solve talk about the pitfalls and challenges of international data, check it out.

Watch Our Sip and Solve Session

What You Will Learn:

  • Defining International Data: Demystify international data and its significance in global business.
  • Components of Business Credit Reports: Understanding the elements that make up comprehensive business credit reports in an international context.
  • International Data Challenges: Exploring the hurdles and complexities in gathering and interpreting global credit data.
  • Bridging the Language Gap: Learn how to translate linguistic hurdles into effective risk assessment and communication.
  • Assumptions Domestic Credit Managers Make: Debunking common misconceptions held by domestic credit managers when dealing with international data.

Want more information about what Experian has to offer to help you assess international risk? Gain valuable global insight to reduce risk and increase profits through our international reports.

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