State of Small Business: Raising the Bar on Inclusion

July 16, 2021 by Gary Stockton

Webinar: The State of Small Business: Raising the Bar on Inclusion

If Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are important to your company, this exceptional webinar with the Consumer Bankers Association and the Federal Reserve should appeal to you.

Launching an effective DEI initiative starts with understanding the State of Small Businesses. In this webinar we reviewed the latest 2021 Federal Reserve Small Business Credit Survey on business owners of color and their challenges when seeking capital. In addition, you will discover lessons learned from the implementation of the PPP program in granting equitable funding access to firms of color.

Hiq Lee, President of Experian Business Information Services and Brian Bond, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Experian led a discussion on financial inclusion with Janelle Williams, Senior Advisor with the Atlanta Federal Reserve.


  1. Insights from the Fed Credit Survey results on business owners of color
  2. Lessons Learned from the PPP program.
  3. How to navigate Financial Inclusion initiatives together with Experian
  4. Understand the state of small business and the impact of the pandemic on minority business owners
  5. Learn about equitable access to funds
  6. Take steps in achieving financial inclusion initiatives.

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