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Auto-Motive Report from Experian Marketing Services

Understanding the motivations of America’s drivers

The U.S. auto industry has rebounded in ways that few could have predicted several years ago. Like the Big Three, the financial well-being of American consumers is also on the rise. As the economic rebound continues to gain momentum, Americans will be increasingly tempted to upgrade their ride, whether that means a new vehicle or simply a good detailing job and a tune-up. In fact, 22% of U.S. adults who own or lease a vehicle say they expect to acquire their next set of wheels sometime during the next 12 months.

This report will introduce readers to the Simmons Auto-Motives segments and deliver the mindset of America’s drivers.

In this report, we will:

  • Wheel out the five mutually exclusive Simmons Auto-Motives segments
  • Put the top down to understand drivers’ automotive preferences and motivators
  • Go along for a ride to examine drivers’ typical weekly travel trends
  • Peek inside the garage to learn what vehicle makes drivers prefer
  • Size up the market of those in search of a new vehicle
  • Perform a diagnostic of the critical Do-It-Yourself and Do-It-For-Me-types

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