2010 Consumer Technology Adoption Report

Technology has brought about immense change in the lives of American consumers. Today, eight-in-ten U.S. adults access the Internet and seven-in-ten use email and surf the web. Fully nine-in-ten adults have at least one mobile device and four-in-ten send text messages. While many Americans wholeheartedly embrace new technology and adopt it quickly, others take a longertime to adjust before carefully and selectively integrating new technology and devices into their lives.

Through sophisticated statistical analysis of dozens of attitudes, behaviors and lifestyle drivers, Experian Simmons has uncovered four distinct segments of technology consumers: Wizards, Journeymen, Apprentices and Novices. These segments are defined by their usage of and attitudes towards technology. This report will examine, in extensive detail, the attitudes, brand preferences, lifestyles and media behaviors of these four powerful segments.

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