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The Race to the Sale: Adopting OEM advertising KPIs for a record finish

Watch now to learn about a range of marketing KPIs commonly used by OEMs and their agencies to measure advertising performance and methods that have proven effective at both enabling optimization of campaign performance and aligning key stakeholders on evaluating results.

54 minutes View

Busting the myths of identity

Watch now for a robust overview of identity resolution in the data industry and the tools you'll need to break down the myths of identity.

55 minutes View

The ABCs of CDP

Dive into the world of customer data platforms and customer data management, how they can benefit marketers, and what a complete customer data management system should provide.

58 minutes View

Leveraging Mosaic® in the Digital Marketplace

Today’s consumer not only expects brands to understand their unique path to purchase, but also to provide them with relevant 1:1 interactions across channels.

52 minutes View

Addressable TV: Harness the power of audience data

Check out our webcast to learn how addressable TV allows you to use first, second and third-party data to target your audience down to the household level.

60 minutes View

4 steps to a successful acquisition campaign

Learn the four steps it takes to create an effective customer acquisition campaign and reach new customers with a seamless cross-channel experience.

30 minutes View

Experian Marketing Services Email Insights and OmniActivation

Join us and learn about how you can align your internal advertising process to take your best-customer knowledge and simplify the process of targeting those profiles through Experian’s OmniActivation.

30 minutes View

Conventional Mom or Maverick Mom? Insights for marketing to moms

Are we on the cusp of a major jump in untethered homes? This webinar dives into video viewing behaviors across platforms and how marketers can improve their strategies based on these behaviors.

35 minutes View


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