Three Keys for Successful Customer-Centric Marketing

Three Keys for Successful Customer-Centric MarketingView the webcast

Experian Marketing Services discusses the three keys to unlocking a successful and cohesive customer experience: Organizational alignment, customer data integration and marketing technology.

As mentioned during the webcast, the most successful marketing organizations this year will be the ones who have a full view of the modern consumer including their behaviors and the ability to interact with them in a seamless and consistent way.   

Other key takeaways from the webcast include:

  • How to be prepared for the future of Big Data among growing personal technology
  • A breakdown of this data into pillars that should be used together to enhance your customer’s experience with your brand
  • Tips to keep in mind when looking for a platform that will enable you to deliver these highly targeted, personalized messages to your customers in real time
About the presenter:
                  John Burke

John Burke, Director of Solutions Consulting

John brings more than 10 years of marketing and technology experience with a proven track record of success in companies of all sizes to the Cross-Channel Marketing Product Development Team at Experian Marketing Services. As an early employee at Conversen, which was acquired by Experian Marketing Services in 2012, John was part of the innovative team that helped to define and ignite the ongoing cross-channel marketing platform revolution. An expert in cross-channel marketing, John works with teams across the globe training them on Experian Marketing Services’ cross-channel marketing platform and enhancing their knowledge of cross-channel marketing strategies.

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