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Audience IQSM for television analytics

Utilize advanced television audience measurement and analytics

With Audience IQ, Experian offers unprecedented insight into your target television audience, significantly improving the efficiency of your TV advertising buys and driving higher return on your overall advertising investment.

Broad and actionable information

Unlike traditional television audience profiles that only utilize broad consumer characteristics and demographics, Audience IQ provides detailed, actionable insight based upon multiple data sources. This includes Experian, third party and a marketer’s own unique data — all combined to create the best consumer insight possible.

While Audience IQ offers the flexibility to work with any data, some of the compelling, standardized Experian data elements available include:

Pre- and post-campaign Measurement

With Audience IQ, advertisers can identify and understand their target audience through a variety of techniques, both before and after an advertising campaign is deployed:

  • Audience matching
    Identify the direct overlap between your subscribers and an advertiser’s target audience. Isolate key demographic variables and then profile audiences at the DMA, zone or ZIP CodeTM level
  • Segmentation analysis
    Identify the activity and characteristics of each target segment to understand your customers and prospects with precision
  • Addressable campaign management
    Detailed reporting that drives the intricate tactical planning, setup and execution of addressable TV campaigns
  • Campaign response analysis
    Assess which advertisements are driving purchases by matching transactional sales data to media exposure
  • Attribution analysis
    Identify the financial impact of each advertising medium and message by linking
    viewing behavior to specific promotions

Using these measurement techniques, marketers can target those audience segments that offer the greatest ROI potential.

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