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Manage your customer data through robust database management


With years of experience and security expertise, we can unlock your data's full potential

Building a functional database to store, manage, and secure your data requires expertise that many organizations simply don't have in-house. But brands with a surplus of data and data sources need a single source of truth where they can retrieve insights, enrich their data and manage it all securely.

Relying on a company with expertise like Experian to build your database or connect your disparate databases has proven to be cheaper, easier, and even more secure than attempting to build your own.

Privacy and security is the name of the game when building a database to manage your data. Experian boasts over 40 years of privacy-compliant data management expertise to offer brands looking or hosted database services.

Already have a database? Experian can append best-in-class third party data to your consumer file to help you get the most out of your current customers and influence who you prospect for in the future. From consumer demographics and behavior to lifestyle segmentation and channel preference data – campaigns that perform start with a clear picture of their target audience.


When you leverage Experian Marketing Services' database management services, you gain:

  • Data at your fingertips: Experian Marketing Services can handle the scale of your customers' transactional and engagement history, accurately connect the data and then make it accessible to your enterprise.
  • Accurately connected data: Whether it's structured or unstructured data, Experian Marketing Services can accurately link big data to the right individual or household.
  • Big cost and time savings: By leveraging our automated data integration technology, experienced client services teams, and authoritative linkage data, we get your solution up and running quickly and efficiently.


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