Targeted Digital Ad Campaigns

The headlines are buzzing with digital advertising spend projections for 2013. While consumer usage in mobile, online and social networking accelerates, marketers are challenged to keep pace and innovate across channels. Often traditional direct marketers assume that strategies for targeting clients and prospects with digital advertising messages are vastly different than typical direct marketing techniques. In actuality, effective digital advertising campaigns begin with identifying and building online audiences and it involves comprehensive targeting and testing to pull it all together. How are digital advertisers targeting their desired audiences? We asked Experian Marketing Services’ Chris Beirne, the senior director of sales and client services for Digital Advertising Services (DAS), a few questions on common practices for effectively targeting audiences in display advertising.

1)    How is online display advertising similar to traditional direct marketing?

In display advertising today, data driven audience-based targeting is quickly becoming the most effective way to achieve advertiser goals. Similar to traditional direct marketing, the online world starts with defining the end objective in mind – drive the best response and conversion rates. Once those objectives are set, the advertiser can segment their CRM file to identify the best customers that match that profile. Using that segment definition, further analysis is done to identify the key characteristics to create an audience for online targeting. Finally, matching that audience segmentation to online profiles in a privacy compliant manner allows digital advertisers and their agencies to build, launch, and execute targeted audience-based display campaigns at scale.

2)    How does audience-based targeting work online?

Online display campaign targeting has evolved over the years. In the beginning sponsorships were available on publisher websites, then contextual buys emerged, then as ad networks and exchanges evolved, run of network media buys and more intent-based behavioral targeting became compelling options as well. Today audience-based targeting leverages many of the previous capabilities in a programmatic, real time auction system where advertisers can bid on each display impression based upon the specific audience requesting the ad. Because advertisers are not spending media dollars on every impression – instead, only spending on the targeted audience they wish to reach - this method allows for far more dynamic and efficient allocation of media budgets, and thus, better online display campaign performance.

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