The state of cross-channel marketing report

State of Cross-Channel

Amidst an ever-changing landscape, today’s marketers must remember to step back and evaluate their strategies against industry best practices if they want to improve. In our newest report, Experian Marketing Services surveyed marketers from over 100 of the world’s leading brands to discover the types of marketing programs they run, tactics and technologies they utilize and the top challenges they face as they strive to reach the always-on consumer. The results examine how strategies vary across industries and dive into:

Best Practices

Best practices

Key Benchmarks

Key benchmarks

Case studies

Case studies


Trends based on

year-over-year comparison






Download the report today for an in-depth examination of how leading marketers are deepening their understanding of customers to personalize experiences and optimize their marketing performance across channels. Also discover the top trends to watch and see how the smartest marketers are continually optimizing for the future.


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