A guide to reaching and engaging first-time parents

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Reaching and engaging first-time parents.

New parents are valuable new customers with a need to buy and buy and buy. Unfortunately, this consumer target is constantly changing as childless individuals and couples become parents and new parents become seasoned ones. This means that needs quickly change as individuals enter and outgrow the market as fast as kids grow out of clothes. For marketers, the need to understand this most basic customer life cycle is precious. In this webcast we will provide a clearer understanding of first-time parents and identify key opportunities to target and engage them.

During the webcast we will:

  • Profile first-time parents to understand who they are, what they do, what are their unique attitudes, preferences and behaviors.
  • Answer the questions on how they are motivated, where and when they seek information
  • Provide insight  into what messages, content and media will be most effective in reaching them

About the presenters:

Presenter Aileen BulanadiAileen Bulanadi

In Aileen’s current role of product manager she is responsible for development and marketing of Simmons Connect, the industry-first consumer profiling and media planning tool that links over 60,000 consumer elements to detailed insights on consumers’ use of 11 traditional and digital media platforms. With a background in agency & media planning/buying, Aileen leverages additional insights that help bring the core syndicated consumer research data and transform Simmons Connect into a compelling mobile/digital offering.

Presenter George StrathernGeorge Strathern

George Strathern is the Head of Cross Platform at Experian Marketing Services where he lives at the intersection of where rich consumer data meets digital and mobile behavior. He leverages his passion for mobile and digital consumer research to create unprecedented insights on today's "always on" consumer. Solving marketer's digital challenges is an expertise that George has been honing since 2000 in a variety of roles with, Gartner, Discovery Communications and Experian Hitwise.

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