Political Data Insights in Action

Political MarketingIn November, Americans will take over voting stands nationwide and cast their ballot for the next president. Campaigns are pulling out all the stops to saturate airwaves, social media sites and ad space with candidate platforms and donation requests.

Cultivating a loyal following and promoting voter activism requires precise targeting and rapid fire responses with every news cycle.

Experian Marketing Services has the depth and breadth of consumer data you need to effectively target prospective voters based on geography, income, lifestyle, ethnicity, gender, political affiliation and more. You can now anticipate voter behavior and find prospective voters still undecided. We have the consumer data you need to win votes and raise dollars.

In addition to targeted demographic segments, you can choose from the following political data selects, powered by both ConsumerViewsm) and BehaviorBank®:

  • Political Affiliation (ConsumerView
  • Political Personas (ConsumerView - 10 voter behavior and political outlook segments)
  • Donors/contributors (BehaviorBank®)

ConsumerView is the largest and most comprehensive resource for both list services and data enhancement available today, including data on more than 299 million consumers and 116 million households. ConsumerView offers core consumer data assets overlaid with behavioral and retail purchasing data, resulting in the deepest and most granular insight into your target audience.

Our donors/contributors data select is powered by BehaviorBank, today’s leading behavioral consumer database, covering approximately 65 million households. BehaviorBank includes responsive consumers who have purchased items or have completed surveys on their political attitudes, leisure activities, brand preferences, computer ownership, occupations, ailments and more.

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