Path to Purchase

                  to Purchase Webinar Today's hyperconnected consumers are now exhibiting more control over the way they interact with every brand. The traditional, linear path to purchase has evolved into a complex labyrinth of customer choice, preference and convenience. As a result, marketers must stop thinking about individual channels and think about how their customers interact with their brand - shifting the marketing dialog to be more focused on the customer experience, rather than channel execution.

View this webcast to hear Experian Marketing Services’ Global Vice President of Product Strategy, Marcus Tewksbury, discuss strategies for understanding and adapting to the customer’s new path to purchase.

Key takeaways from the webcast include:

  • How advances in technology affect the brand-to-customer relationship
  • How to take advantage of predictive modeling to determine the best ways to engage with your customers throughout their unique buying cycles
  • Examples from today’s brands that are adapting to the customer’s new path to purchase
About the presenter:
Marcus Tewksbury

Marcus Tewksbury
Global Vice President, Product Strategy, Experian Marketing Services

Marcus Tewksbury has over 20 years of experience helping leading retailers and B2B’s harness the nexus of technology, data, and marketing to drive growth and achieve financial results. In his current role as Global Vice President of Product Strategy for Experian Marketing Services, Marcus leverages his deep technology background to help clients develop new campaigns and programs built on the emergence of addressable, cross-channel, audiences (digital TV, display, online radio, Facebook, etc.) whose performance can be attributed and measured back at the individual or household level.

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