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Online targeting can be quite the challenge. With real time bidding and ad networks proliferating, it’s easy to waste ad dollars. Well, we’ve got a novel concept: why don’t you define your target audience and then find them online? The good news is that we’re the experts in addressable audience creation for online targeting.

Experian Marketing Services helps you overcome the complexity of online targeting by defining your target audience and helping you market to them with an actionable message to either drive brand engagement or direct response.

Addressable audience creation – we take your customer file, enhance it with rich consumer data and link it to addressable user IDs for all digital channels. (This is done in accordance with all consumer privacy and industry standards of course.)

Program management – we’ll take those actionable target segments and execute digital campaigns across search, social media, mobile, display ad networks, and cable and satellite TV networks.

We have helped clients super charge the impact of smarter online targeting including:
  • Increasing marketing ROI
  • Reallocating marketing spend to more effective programs
  • Measuring the effect that online advertising is having on offline sales channels
  • Retargeting website visitors with display advertising or email programs

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