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March 2, 2015

Everything You Wanted To Know About LiveRamp, The Data Connecter Everyone Uses
AdExchanger, February 27, 2015


How Auto Dealers Can Get Started With Big Data
Wards Auto, February 27, 2015


College of Business hosts nationally-recognized experts at Big Data Symposium Mar. 17
UTSA Today, February 27, 2015


Experian's Newest CMO Aims to Focus on Consumers
AdAge, February 26, 2015


Big technology firms and consultants muscle in on adland’s bids and deals
More About Advertising, February 26, 2015


Analysis Shows Gender Differences in Credit
National Association of Credit Management, February 26, 2015


You’re up and running – now make business run better
Royal Mail, February 26, 2015


What conservative audiences want
Stevenville Empire-Tribune, February 26, 2015


How to market to U.S. Hispanic tourists and their $56B impact
The Business Journals, February 26, 2015


Facebook’s Rolls Out In India, Sony’s SmartEyeglass Is Coming
Webcertain Group, February 26, 2015


Patricia Arquette addresses income disparity, Rhiza brings us the data behind it
FierceBigData, February 25, 2015


Best Practices and Trends for Email Marketing in 2015
AnnexCore, February 25, 2015


Franchisors iPad App Designed to Help Win Listings With Big Data
Inman, February 25, 2015


We Need To Fix The Ad Tech Talent Drought
AdExchanger, February 25, 2015


‘Engagement affects deliverability’ – ‘Experian Marketing Forward’ Blog
Internet Marketing Newswatch, February 24, 2015.


3 Tips for Developing a Laser-Focused Content Strategy for Your Business
Cox Blue, February 24, 2015


Consultants: No One Reads Your Emails – Here’s How To Fix That
Drip, February 24, 2015


“Big Data” to become title, not a concept?
Banking Exchange, February 24, 2015


‘Online Reviews on Purchase Pages Increase Conversions’ — A Conversation with Bill Tancer
Bruce Clay, February 23, 2015


Email Marketing Is Here to Stay
Fatigo, February 23, 2015


Top 5 Benefits of Email Marketing
Green Vine Marketing, February 23, 2015


5 Ways to Inject Holiday Spirit
Supermen.Info, February 23, 2015


Latino Travel Opportunities
Hispanic Market Works, February 22, 2015


‘What’s next? Cross-channel silos will break down in 2015’ – ‘Experian Marketing Forward’ Blog
IM Digest, February 21, 2015


More Than 8 in 10 Brazilian Social Networkers Aged 18-34, Says Study
Social Shopping News, February 20, 2015


6 Email Subject Lines that Compel Readers to Click
eCommerce Insiders, February 20, 2015


Capturing Leads with Email
Creatrix Inbound Marketing, February 17, 2014

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