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Market Watch, September 29, 2015
Email still a popular communication channel, but many businesses struggle to maximize results

The Hub, September 29, 2015
Putting big data to work for good causes

The American Genius, September 24, 2015
Baby Boomers hate your mobile ads, but why?

MediaPost, September 21, 2015
Travel Tops In Email Marketing ROI

The New York Times, September 21, 2015
 Can a GIF Work Better Than Words?

Business 2 Community, September 19, 2015
Why Bad Data Is Wasting Your Marketing Efforts

Warc, September 15, 2015
Choice' vital to email marketing

BizReport, September 15, 2015
Consumers respond to email subject lines that give them control

NBC News Meet the Press September 15, 2015
Sanders Rise Highlights Splits in Democratic Party

MediaPost, September 14, 2015
 Email Tips To Ring In The Holiday Season, Prepare For 2016

MediaPost, September 11, 2015
Choice' In The Subject Line Boosts Engagement

Dice News, September 10, 2015
Do Tech Firms Want Liberal-Arts Majors?

MediaPost, September 10, 2015
Five Reasons Marketers Must Target U.S. Hispanics On Mobile

Omni-Channel Retailing, September 3, 2015
How to meet customer expectations and keep them happy

eMarketer, September 3, 2015
Mobile Email Benchmarks Vary by Industry

eMarketer, August 31, 2015
Email Performance Varies Across APAC Markets

Website Magazine, August 27, 2015
Consumers Want Choices...And Email Benchmarks Prove It

CDCA, August 25, 2015
Democrats to Kick Off Digital Voter Targeting Effort at Summer Meeting

Data Science Central, August 18, 2015
How Experian Is Using Big data

The Magill Report, August 18, 2015
Experian Upgrades Marketing Suite

Marketing Dive, August 17, 2015
Email Marketing is Getting More Relevant with Real-Time Data

eMarketer, August 13, 2015
Email Marketers Move to Cross-Channel, Real-Time Communication

Target Marketing, August 11, 2015
Releasing Data Trapped in CRM for Email Marketing

Online Herald News, August 12, 2015
Experian unveils extensive data and technology enhancements for Experian Marketing Suite

MarTech Advisor, August 11, 2015
Pasquale Pellegrini Joins Experian Marketing Services as Chief Research Officer

iMedia Connection, August 11, 2015
Overcome these 3 common data barriers for mobile marketing success

ZDNet, August 10, 2015
Candidates need to plan for cord cutters or they will miss their most valuable voting block, August 10, 2015
Who Are The Top 10 Martech Companies? It May Surprise You

Your Story, August 9, 2015
How Indian e-commerce companies are using their first lifecycle email

eMarketer, August 7, 2015
How Frugal Are Affluent Affluents?                         

AdOps Online, August 6, 2015
Experian Recognizes Brands that Create Exceptional Customer Experiences During Inaugural #SuiteLife Awards

The Relevancy Group, August 4, 2015
What is Marketing Utopia and how do we get there?

Loyalty 360, August 3, 2015
Everything Begins with Customer Engagement at Experian

Adotas, August 2, 2015
Experian Enhances Experian Marketing Suite

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