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Download the Holiday Hot Sheet : Hispanic Shoppers

Hispanic Holiday TrendsThe holiday season is a critical time for retailers and every dollar counts. Targeting the increasingly influential Hispanic consumer can mean the difference between a good season and a great one. Experian Marketing Services is a recognized expert in providing vivid insights into the Hispanic consumer marketplace with our trusted Simmons National Hispanic Consumer Study used daily by leading Spanish and English language media, agencies and marketers seeking to more effectively target, reach, and engage this growing consumer segment. This week’s Holiday Hot Sheet will provide valuable insights that marketers can use to understand Hispanic consumers, where they shop and how they use smartphones and social media to shop and connect with brands. 

Highlights include:

  • Hispanic households in 2013 will spend an estimated $183.8 billion on non-essential products and services, up from $164.2 billion in 2012. Hispanics control 15.6 percent of all discretionary spending in the West and 11.5 percent in the South.
  • Hispanics shop online at higher than average rates and start their seasonal shopping earlier. 
  • Hispanic smartphone owners are twice as likely as non-Hispanics to say that they are interested in receiving advertisements on their phone and 58 percent more likely to purchase products they see advertised on their phone.
  • Hispanics access social media across multiple devices and are 30 percent more likely to say that they are likely to purchase products that they see advertised on social media properties.
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