Harnessing Big Data for cross-channel success

Harnessing Big Data a White Paper from Experian Marketing Services

Today’s brands look to cross-channel data to develop deeper insights into their customers, but this data is valuable only to the extent that it can be understood, interpreted and appropriately utilized.

Marketers need to ensure that customer data is organized around principles that are tailored both to larger brand goals and to the requirements of internal users who are tasked with supporting those goals. Identifying and leveraging the informational gold lurking within Big Data is no easy task, but a combination of analytics and intuition can lead to big results for brands.

This white paper gives marketers a new perspective into how to tackle the challenges presented by Big Data and provides a practical guide into harnessing big data for cross-channel marketing success.

Key highlights from the white paper include:

  • Identifying and understanding the value of the data you are capturing
  • Adopting a mindset to trust what your most valuable data tells you
  • Developing fundamentally new strategies for organizing and leveraging Big Data

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