From intuition to insight: A journey to customer-centricity

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Every company’s journey to customer-centricity is different, but they all start with a change in culture. Veterinary Pet Insurance, a 34 year old company, started their journey two years ago with the decision to move from an intuition-based culture to a fact-based culture. Learn how they accomplished this significant achievement, the journey that took them there and how they are using a deep understanding of their customers to drive strategy and marketing decisions across the organization. You’ll get insight into how they changed the company culture by putting customer insight at the center of all decisions.

During the webcast, you’ll learn the process Veterinary Pet Insurance used to achieve an insights-driven culture, including:

  • Motivating organizational buy-in
  • Utilizing consumer data to inform a segmentation campaign strategy
  • Developing a content and media strategy based on segment insights
  • Demonstrating campaign success to senior-level executives
About the presenters

Presenter Kerry O'Hara

Kerry O'Hara
Research, Data & Strategy, Veterinary Pet Insurance

Dr. O’Hara has over 20 years of applied research and data experience, with the last 15 years consulting for organizations with specific business strategy needs. With a dual doctorate in both Clinical and Industrial-Organizational Psychology, she has the keen ability to understand the complexities of situations to conceptualize and effectively design answer-oriented projects aimed at driving strategic thought and direction. She has worked with diverse companies such as Hewlett-Packard, The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, Veterinary Pet Insurance (a Nationwide Insurance Company), HealthCare Partners, Dreyer’s/Edy’s ice cream, San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal (now Safari) Park, Goodwill Industries, the County of San Diego, and Neiman Marcus. She has invested her career in building brands, the emotional connections of customers to these brands, and departments to ensure the delivery of quality experiences with these brands.

Presenter Ethan Van Auken

Ethan Van Auken
Senior Analyst, Experian Marketing Services

Ethan joined Experian Marketing Services as a senior analyst of consumer insights in December 2012. Ethan has spent his entire career in market research, with a strong focus on consumer insights since 2005. He has helped craft both tactical and strategic marketing, creative, and sales strategies, using myriad data sources, from both sides of the vendor-client relationship. Ethan presently utilizes the full spectrum of Experian Marketing Services data assets to aid client decisions regarding consumer targeting, behaviors, media placement, and search engine strategy.

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