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Building a strategic cross-channel roadmap

Building a strategic cross-channel roadmap

The ability for customers to access information anytime and anywhere, share their own brand experiences and influence the purchase decisions of others has led to the customer taking ever-greater control of their relationship with the brands they love. At its core, cross-channel marketing enables organizations to move beyond marketing within individual channels, to carefully and calculatedly integrating touchpoints into a single, comprehensive and interactive customer journey that addresses the needs of today’s dynamic, hyperconnected, empowered consumer.

This white paper focuses on the advantages of developing a data-driven, cross-channel, roadmap to help you deliver on the needs and expectations of today’s customer. 

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How to define cross-channel marketing from both  the customer’s and marketer’s perspective
  • The key benefits of cross-channel marketing
  • The top challenges and pain points marketers face when making the transition from executing single or multi-channel marketing initiatives, to coordinated and seamless, cross-channel brand experiences
  • The five distinct areas organizations must focus in developing a strategic, cross-channel roadmap
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