Get an Accurate, Persistent, 360-View of Your Customers.

CONNECT Across Channels

Today’s savvy marketers know that reaching and connecting with customers via multiple touch points has a profoundly positive effect on their marketing efforts. While many successful marketers have adjusted their communication strategies for this new reality, the majority of marketers we polled still cite multi-channel coordination as one of their biggest marketing challenges.

GROW Customer Relationships and Your Bottom Line:

Experian Marketing Services’ OmniView product,  provides marketers with a cross-channel identity resolution solution that helps them to:

  • Achieve a persistent, unified view of the customer
  • Ensure consistent communications with clients across channels
  • Connect social profiles to cross-channel efforts
  • Score clients accurately in decisioning models
  • Reduce promotional costs by increasing resolved identities and avoiding wasted advertising dollars Improve response rates by offering the right message at the right time

By applying Experian’s OmniView solution, marketers can connect a “fan” to an email campaign, know when that fan is browsing on their website and even making a purchase in a bricks-and-mortar store. This kind of insight ensures deep and meaningful connections that improve the bottom line.

PROTECT Your Market Share and Marketing Investment

We encourage our clients to listen fanatically to what their customers say and empower them to become active brand advocates. There are several imperatives to making this possible, including:

  1. The use of clean, accurate data
  2. Ability to find unique relationships within the data to ensure accuracy of the match
  3. Understanding the complex relationships between data collection and customer behavior
  4. Createing Integrated Profiles that are linked across channels
  5. Having a method for interpreting the results to drive this into action

CREATE a 360-View of Your Customers

Utilizing cross-channel identity resolution, OmniView enables marketers to incorporate and resolve data across on- and off-line media channels. Our OmniView solution helps you to:

  • Reach your customers – Identify a customer with a single piece of PII information
  • Merely an email address can help you identify a customer
  • Build profiles on customers even without a physical address
  • Track transactions, promotional events, web visits and more without an actual purchase event
  • Link social identity and data to understand a customer’s complete online profile and purchasing patterns
  • Expand your view – Persistent identification equates to accurate tracking of customers as they move about channels. Experian’s referential linkage technology combines industry-leading search and match technology with a comprehensive, multi-decade reference database to:
  • Establish identification keys for consumers at an individual, household and address level
  • Link multiple Personally Identifiable Information (PII) elements together to assign multiple emails or phone numbers to the same person
  • Build a deeper profile of your customers than ever before
  • Ensure your success – Identity drives reach and relevance, increasing revenue
  • Knowledge of customer preferences empowers you to send the right message, at the right time, to the right place
  • Accurate targeting and modeling to reach your best customers
  • Maximize ROI through better understanding of the efficacy of the marketing budget

Connect…Protect…Create and Grow your customer base across all channels. Targeted, consistent campaigns across all traditional, digital, social and mobile channels can create up to 50% lift in campaign response.

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