Get to Know Your Customers and Prospects in Depth

Target your consumer or business audience with precision.

Experian draws from the most complete demographic, firmographic, transactional and behavioral information available to provide powerful data from one resource. With added understanding of your customers plus easy-to-implement applications, you can improve your marketing efforts, gain insight into location selection and increase customer loyalty. Capture your most productive audiences and accurately shape strategies with data enrichment from Experian.


The ConsumerView database combines data from a wide array of sources, including self-reported information, public records and historical retail purchases. When used separately or combined, these sources deliver a more complete and accurate 360-degree view of your customers. ConsumerView comprises the key identities, attributes and linkages necessary for superior data enrichment and customer engagement.

ConsumerView Attitudinal and Behavioral

Discover the attitudes, values and motivations that drive the decisions of your customers, including mail-order buyers, frequent travelers and prescription drug users.

ConsumerView Analytics

Accurately predict future behaviors and identify likely responders and buyers by leveraging analytical tools like VeriScore,SM a multitiered product that integrates consumer identification, verification and scoring to identify your most responsive and profitable consumers.

ConsumerView Triggers

Leverage the major life events that trigger consumer buying decisions and lifestyle changes to connect with proven actively spending prospects, such as new movers, new homeowners or new parents.

ConsumerView Applications

Make better and faster marketing decisions on market planning, customer profiling and more with intuitive enrichment tools and technologies, including market planning software, online list fulfillment tools and data append.

  • Data Enrichment (data append)
  • Customer Profiling
  • Online List Fulfillment
  • Licensing
  • Market Planning (MMG3)

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