Audience Targeting for Retail

The retail industry has its own unique set of challenges in online acquisition. That’s why Experian Marketing Services’ OmniActivation Strategic Services has crafted retail audience segments to deliver tailor-made results.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Executing time-sensitive seasonal campaigns Identifying key lifecycle events
Assessing consumer’s propensity to buy Cross-selling accessory products


We can help by offering the following pre-built segments

  • Discount shoppers
  • Seasonal shoppers
  • Super-store grocery shoppers

Our data-driven audience segments are built using thousands of attributes from our industry-leading consumer database to incorporate insights such as product affinities and category spending propensity.

Client Experience

Challenge: An outdoor sporting goods retail client who ran a multi-channel data-driven campaign saw the benefits of addressable advertising where it mattered most – sales lift.


Experian's OmniActivation Strategic Services helped the client bridge their knowledge of their existing customers into the online display channel, and delivered customized ads to those customers. In this controlled test, the response rates for mail order, retail and internet orders all increased.


The results: Sales increased by over $14 million in less than 90 days during the test period.


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