Audience Targeting for Financial Services

Reach the best prospects for your financial services

We know that financial services marketers face unique challenges in online customer acquisition. That’s why we’ve created specialized audience segments catered to your needs.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Acquiring card-members who will make it through a prime approval process Finding prospects with credit challenges
Up-selling customers into more lines of business Promoting full-service online banking offers


Experian's OmniActivation Strategic Services can help by offering the following pre-built segments:

  • Affluent lifestyle
  • Seeking credit
  • In-the-market to purchase an automobile
Client Experience

Challenge: A global financial services firm wanted to reach a select percentage of the US population for its ultra-premium credit card. The OmniActivation Strategic Services team built the client a custom segment called the “Consumer Value Index” segment.


The custom segment allowed the marketer to connect with consumer audiences which were in very good financial standing and with a propensity for high-end luxury items. The precision of this segment allowed the client to exceed their campaign objectives.


The results: A 70% drop in CPA (cost-per-acquisition) and a card-approval double of the firm's goal for the campaign.


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