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Engaging the Connected Traveler

Engaging the Connected Traveler

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About Experian Marketing Services

Who we are:

Experian Marketing Services is a global provider of integrated consumer insights, targeting, data quality and cross-channel marketing programs. We help organizations intelligently interact with today’s dynamic, empowered and hyper-connected consumers. By coordinating seamless and intelligent interactions across all channels, marketers are able to precisely plan and execute superior brand experiences that deepen customer loyalty, strengthen brand advocacy and maximize profits.

What we do:

Consumer Insights & Targeting - Understand, connect, segment and target consumers more effectively

Data Quality - Gather, cleanse, complete, integrate and manage customer data more accurately

Cross-Channel Marketing - Plan, execute, measure and optimize complex cross-channel customer interactions

Our offerings:

Consumer Insight & Targeting

  • Behavioral, mobile, social, lifestyle, search, demographic data
  • Addressable audiences
  • Analytics

Cross-Channel Marketing

Email marketing

Mobile marketing

Social media

Web experience

Display advertising

Digital print

Data Quality

  • Contact management
  • Linkage
  • Customer data management
  • Data hygiene

Company History

We've been helping marketers deliver data-driven targeted marketing for more than 30 years. Here are some of the highlights of our growth and innovation:

  • 1987 - TRW Information Services, the U.S. credit bureau acquires Executive Services from Dallas, TX entering the marketing service business
  • 1996 - TRW spins off its Information Services business and the new company is named Experian
  • 1997 - Experian is acquired by Great Universal Stores and is merged with its UK credit bureau, CCN
  • 1998 - We got serious about the direct marketing with the acquisitions of leading U.S. firms MetroMail and Direct Marketing Technologies (DirectTech)
  • 2004 - A major year of expansion, in March, we acquired CheetahMail, a leading email service provider and in October, we acquired Quick Address Search to bolster on our contact management capabilities. Also in October, we acquired Simmons Research to build out our consumer insight and multichannel capabilities.
  • 2007 - In April, we acquired Hitwise as a means to provide a broader set of digital marketing capabilities in search and consumer insight.
  • 2011 - In February, we acquired Techlightenment, a social media and Facebook advertising platform adding social media advertising capabilities to our digital offering.
  • 2012 - In May, we acquired Conversen, a pioneer in developing interaction management technologies that enable marketers to create fully integrated, cross-channel conversations through mobile, Web, social, email and traditional channels.
  • 2013 - In April, we launched the cross-channel marketing platform.
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