Doctors and Diagnoses: Digital Marketing for Healthcare

March 2012
With healthcare and pharmaceutical online ad spending expected to exceed $1.5 billion this year (according to eMarketer), the opportunities and competition to reach consumers online are greater than ever. During this webinar we examine how the online healthcare space has evolved and how to best reach your target audience online.

Key takeaways will include:

  1. Reaching healthcare providers and doctors beyond endemic environments in order to create the most efficient marketing strategies. Knowing the digital life of healthcare professionals will enable you to uncover additional websites where you can reach a qualified audience.
  2. Understanding consumers’ true search behaviors around health and how organizations can apply to inform their digital strategies in order to speak consumers’ language, and address their greatest health concerns. This analysis can be applied to retain your existing audience base and develop new customers.
  3. Online search behaviors give insights into the gaps in the American public’s health knowledge, for example searches indicate particular misunderstandings in how HIV is acquired and how to prevent HPV. Digital data can allow public health officials to identify these problems and adjust messaging to best address the public.


Margot Bonner
Analyst, Strategic Services
Experian Hitwise

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