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Discover the best practices to capture the online vote.

As the 2012 elections gear-up, Margot Bonner, Hitwise Analyst, discussed how the online landscape has changed since 2008 and identify best practices for the digital road to the White House.

Key Topics Include:

  • How the Digital Landscape Has Evolved Since 2008
    Since the last presidential election, Facebook has surpassed Google in market share of visits and candidates have begun hosting Twitter town halls. Discover how major changes in search and social are affecting political campaigns and what it means for candidates and media.
  • Presidential Campaigns’ Online Performance
    Find out which top presidential candidates’ are capturing the most traffic and how they're doing it. Additionally, see how mobilization networks such as Facebook are affecting campaign success.
  • Best Practices for Digital Crisis Management
    Discover the life-cycle of a high-interest news story and web-users’ corresponding patterns of behavior. As well as, how candidates and publishers can capitalize on crises by applying web-users’ behaviors as a guide for an effective communications strategy.
  • Reaching Key Constituencies Online
    Trying to reach unregistered voters or Republicans in battleground states? Or maybe you want to reach Hispanics and Latinos, or get in front of Palin supporters? See how to start accurately micro-targeting constituencies online now.

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