Trendspotting: Discovering Consumer Insights Through Search Webinar

Accelerate your Digital Marketing with search insights.

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Consumers are constantly entering search queries that reveal their intentions across a majority of their activities in daily life – researching shopping and financial decisions, seeking out content and navigating directly to online destinations.

These search queries then provide a blueprint for marketers to understand how consumer sentiment and intent evolves over time, which can then feed into strategies across the organization including merchandising & content development, display ad & email campaigns.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Deciphering consumer sentiment as economic indicators for content development and relevant messaging
  • Using the seasonality of search to recognize when consumers are truly in-market and thinking about a topic or product
  • Search term sequencing and the train of thought when consumers are conducting online research
  • Segmenting search queries to understand the differences based upon demographics, life stages and credit scores


Click here to view the webinar recording

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