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Social Media: Leveraging data and insights for effective cross-channel campaigns

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Social media barely existed 10 years ago yet today 91 percent of online adults access social media at least once a month and 76 percent visit social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, monthly. Social media includes everything from social and professional networks, to photo and video sharing sites, to online forums, and it’s critical to have the right strategy in place for integrating all of these channels into your marketing mix.

Learn why customers are following you on social media, how to capture and manage social media data to generate effective cross-channel campaigns and real life examples of how companies are successfully utilizing this information for their email and mobile programs.

This webcast covered:

  • Using data intelligence to create engaging cross-channel campaigns
  • Key findings on the importance and relevance of social media
  • Real life examples for how to utilize social media effectively in both email and mobile
  • And much more…

About the Presenter:

Justin Orgel 
Justin Orgel
Justin Orgel is the senior manager of strategic accounts at Experian Marketing Services. Previously, he worked with brands Levi Strauss & Co., Bravo Television, Sirius Satellite Radio, and Electronic Arts to increase customer engagement across multiple channels. Justin is passionate about e-commerce, digital strategy, social media and consumer web technologies. He is also currently a strategic advisor to interactive story-telling platform

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