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Building loyalty through an integrated, cross-channel customer experience

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Building customer loyalty

Today, existing customers can often account for nearly half of a company’s revenue, and repeat purchasers spend close to five times more than average shoppers. Not only do they purchase more, but true brand loyalists will also eliminate competing products from future purchase considerations. With statistics like this, every brand should have a customer loyalty strategy that seeks to engage existing customers, identifies brand loyal customers and aims to keep their best customers engaged, feeling appreciated and committed to the brand.

Learn how marketers today are leveraging the art of integrated cross-channel engagement tactics, coupled with the science of customer data and behavioral insights, to stand out in the crowd, drive relevance and increase customer engagement all while maintaining alignment with overall business objectives.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The state of loyalty marketing today
  • How customer centricity will drive strategy and cross-channel interactions
  • The art and science of building and nurturing an effective loyalty program
  • The key phases of a loyalty strategy, unique target audiences and appropriate tactics to increase engagement
  • Success stories from leading brands that effectively utilize data, segmentation and full cross-channel execution to keep customers engaged with the brand

 About the presenters:

Virginie BernardVirginie Bernard
Virginie Bernard is a strategic consultant at Experian CheetahMail supporting clients’ email and mobile strategies. With over 10 years of experience serving some of today’s leading brands, she is passionate about diving into clients’ daily life to develop customized solutions that are executable according to each account’s unique requirements. She has also been instrumental in leveraging Experian Marketing Services’ entire suite of assets to propose unique strategic recommendations when working on optimizing the digital experience of premium brands’ customers.




Yvette MitchellYvette Mitchell

Yvette Mitchell is a strategy consultant with Experian CheetahMail currently working with some of the world’s most recognized brands through the development of customized plans and integrated channel strategies to optimize their cross-channel communications. As a digital marketing professional with over 10 years of experience developing and implementing effective marketing programs and digital strategies she continually delivers tangible results through strategic planning, segmentation strategies, customer acquisition suites, email, mobile and social media marketing programs.

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