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Account Monitoring ServiceSM

Receive proactive notifications on important events occurring within your portfolio

Account Monitoring ServiceSM is a comprehensive portfolio monitoring solution that allows you to take action quickly on changes occurring within your portfolio. Taking a proactive approach to portfolio management allows you to minimize risk and identify opportunities sooner. With a comprehensive trigger set and robust filter capabilities, you can be confident that only the most important alerts are brought to your attention.

  • Receive only relevant alerts by selecting from our comprehensive set of 47 different triggers and applying filters based on balances or other value thresholds.
  • Solve problems before they happen by monitoring for negative account performance such as new collection filings, late payment behavior or bankruptcy.
  • Create efficiencies and prioritize collection efforts by monitoring for positive credit activity such as payment of other trade obligations or new tradelines present.

Predictive Triggers

Account Monitoring Service triggers combined with Experian analytics allow you to implement more effective and targeted risk mitigation strategies. Predictive Triggers provides you with the data analytics performed by Experian’s Decision Sciences team to help determine which triggers best predict your customers will go bad shortly after an event occurs.

  • Reduce bad debt by only using triggers that best predict a business will go bad within the next 1, 3 or 6 months.
  • Fine-tune your monitoring program to help control trigger volumes and only receive notifications on accounts that need your action.
  • Create targeted strategies on how to handle a customer when they trigger events with the highest bad rate.
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