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The Financial Health of Small Businesses Remains Stable, Even Amid

Posted on May 24 2016 by
Small businesses serve as the engine of job creation for local communities, as well as the central hub for most...


Experian celebrates National Small Business Week

Posted on May 02 2016 by
National Small Business Week is finally upon us, and we are proud to recognize the businesses that have had such...


[Infographic]: Off-lease Vehicles Surge Back into the Market

Posted on Apr 06 2016 by
As automotive leasing trends to new heights, a rapid influx of off-lease vehicles are returning to market. Experian Automotive’s latest...


Infographic: A Rising Tide Returns Auto Leasing to Popularity

Posted on Mar 21 2016 by
In recent years, leasing has strongly returned as an option for consumers to choose when looking to get into a...


As Car Prices Hit the Roof, Shoppers Hope to Keep

Posted on Sep 10 2015 by
Financing my first car was a bittersweet feeling. I was thrilled at the thought of purchasing a new vehicle, yet I was dreading haggling the price with the dealer. As a millennial, I feared the rising prices for new cars,...


Going Green: Which Lane to Choose?

Posted on Apr 21 2015 by
A behind-the-wheel look at alternative-power vehicles. [Infographic]


A Glimpse in the Rear View Mirror: The Automotive Market

Posted on Mar 18 2015 by
Just as looking in the rear view mirror can help you navigate your next move, looking into recent trends can serve as a guide to where the industry should head in the future. With that in mind, let’s take a...


Car buyers choose fuel-efficiency

Posted on Dec 23 2014 by
If you’ve driven a vehicle in the past few months, then you’ve most likely had to stop by your local gas station. And, if you’ve filled up the tank while you were there, then you’ve probably experienced the sensation of...


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