Vision 2014: The evolving landscape of customer management

Increasingly Experian’s clients are questioning whether they are extracting full value from their data.  There’s more data, more accessible analytic capability – there should be more value created.  But this growing information asset needs to be harnessed by targeting it in the right way (generating the right insights) and having the processes to minimize the time from insight to action.

Technology and techniques need to be aligned to efficiently capture, analyze and action customer insight in a concerted way, with the customer view at the center of this activity.  Understanding customers’ current circumstances, and the challenges & opportunities they are likely to encounter, can help us establish what they need right now and predict their future needs.  Identifying life event triggers, and effectively actioning these triggers, can help us ensure that we’re maximizing the customer’s lifetime value with the right communications, with the right content, at the right time.

There are two distinct directions companies are taking to extract value from their new customer insight.  The more established route is refining the current business (e.g., optimizing offer pricing, enhancing pre-attrition and pre-default models, and refining cross-sale relevancy models). But increasingly, companies are looking to their customer data as a platform for expanding their business – either by using their unique customer insights to market external propositions or by identifying adjacencies where their existing client base provides a competitive advantage.

Either way, customer information can be the key to growth.

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