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You’re sitting at home thinking about opening up a new business…maybe you’re just planning on relocating an existing office…or maybe you’re looking to do business with a new vendor. Whatever the situation may be, you have to ask the question, which cities are primed for new business opportunity? Where are businesses performing at a high level? Are businesses in City A paying their bills faster than City B?

To help answer those questions and more, Experian released its new quarterly Metro Business Pulse analysis on the top metropolitan areas based on business credit data. The analysis focuses on the top 25th percentile of metropolitan areas based on the number of businesses in major industry groups, and looks at four leading indicators of business health including risk score, days beyond term (DBT), delinquency and bankruptcy.

• Risk Score — We used our proprietary commercial risk score, which is based on a scale of 1 to 100 (with 100 being least risky) and predicts the likelihood of severe delinquency (more than 91 days past due) within the next 12 months

• Days Beyond Terms — The weighted average number of days that businesses paid their bills beyond the contracted terms.

• Delinquency — The average percentage of dollars that are considered delinquent or past due.

• Bankruptcy — The average rate of businesses filing for legal protection under Chapters 7, 11, 13 or 15 of the bankruptcy code.

According to the Q1 2013 analysis, Omaha, NE tops the list of DBT, paying their bills the fastest, with businesses in that area paying an average of 4.75 days beyond contracted terms, followed by San Francisco, Rochester, NY, Salt Lake City and Milwaukee to round out the top five. On the flip side, Florida metro areas are taking considerably longer to pay, having made up four of the bottom five in this category with Miami businesses being the slowest to pay.

However, all is not bleak in Miami, as businesses in that area had the fifth lowest bankruptcy rate at 0.43 percent. Businesses in New York City topped the list with the lowest bankruptcy rate in Q1, followed by Nassau-Suffolk, NY, Baton Rouge, LA and Honolulu to make up the remaining top five.

To view the full analysis, check out our Metro Business Pulse website. For more information on this report and other business-related insights, visit Experian.com/b2b.

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