New benchmarks and research that give insight into the state of today’s marketing landscape.

How contextual marketing affects your strategy

Posted on Oct 12 2015 by
Understand how contextual marketing creates mutual benefit for the brand and the customer within your strategy.


Four tips for generating audience-centric content [Video]

Posted on Sep 16 2015 by
Watch this short video for essential tips for creating audience-centric content that speaks the language of the consumer.


Female CMOs: Women that drive marketing leadership [Video]

Posted on Sep 11 2015 by
5 inspiring female CMOs from tech, retail, entertainment and more, speaking about career paths, mentors, work-life balance.


Linkage: Telling a consistent cross-channel brand story

Posted on Sep 08 2015 by
How segmentations and high-definition consumer profiles can help you tell a consistent brand story across customer touch points.


Stay plugged into the Connected Traveler [Infographic]

Posted on Sep 03 2015 by
Actionable insights into the connected travelers attitudes and behaviors to help marketers better engage them.


43 actionable stats to move your marketing forward

Posted on Sep 02 2015 by
More benchmarks, trends and stats from the Digital Marketer Report to help you intelligently interact with customers across channels.


How to enable real decisions about your marketing strategy

Posted on Aug 24 2015 by
Use perceptive consumer insights to enable real marketing decisions about messaging and campaign execution.


Top 3 themes from #EMSSUMMIT

Posted on Aug 12 2015 by
Perseverance, authenticity and listening to customers revealed themselves as core themes of the 2015 Client Summit main stage.


Real-time interactions management: Forrester research update

Posted on Jul 30 2015 by
Experian Marketing Services has been named 'Strong Performer in Real Time Interactions Management' by leading independent research firm.


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